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Company benefits: Five Insurance Full Attendance Award

Job Type: Sales

Release time: 2020-12-31

Effective date: 2021-05-13

Basic requirements: age under 40, no gender limit

Work location: Ningbo

Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for developing customers, completing sales targets according to sales plans; 2. Understanding market directions and industry trends, and communicating closely with various departments within the company; 3. In-depth exploration of customer needs and providing customers with comprehensive product solutions, Promote new products; 4. Assist in solving customer complaints; 5. Record and report on daily visit records and customer analysis status; 6. Responsible for the maintenance of customer relationships, regular visits and follow-up to new and old customers, and timely payment. 7. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

Job requirements: 24-42 years old, college degree or above, more than 2 years of sales work experience, sales experience in electronics manufacturing is preferred, good facial features, good image quality, strong language skills, and ability to independently explore the market. Driver's license or own car is given priority. Treatment: basic salary business commission year-end business completion bonus (according to annual sales tasks) annual task excess award annual task completion travel (can bring 1 family member) annual business completion parental care fund. Welfare: Social insurance (five social insurance and one housing fund), and there is a subsidy for your own vehicle. Promotion: Design job promotion channels for outstanding salespersons with outstanding sales ability and can organize sales team management by themselves.

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